Drop in Anchors

Aug 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

So how do you secure threaded rod to a concrete ceiling? Answer: One way is by using drop in anchors. When you are working on a new project it is easy to setup how you want to hang a series of pipe clamps or a trapeze support for cable tray or ladder by hanging threaded rods (aka allthread) from anchors.

If you need to secure some rod to a pre-existing ceiling or to a beam you can use either central, vertical or horizontal mounting plates as required. These come with either an M10 or M12 hole for threaded rod to be secured into which in turn will allow you to hang something additional to it. To use mounting plates you need to drill a hole and use a fastner to secure them. If this is not a possibility there is still a solution: Beam clamps. These can be secured to a steel beam, and can support either a piece of strut or threaded rod, which again you can attach something else to. All of EzyStrut's drop in anchors, beam clamps, and mounting plates are tested by our engineers, and load test results are published online or in our catalogues, so you can be sure that they will support your project.



2-Piece pipe clamps and cable tray on a trapeze held by threaded rod secured by drop in anchors.