Custom Pipe Shoe Installation

Sep 03, 2012 | 0 Comments

Do you remember the giant 2.4m wide custom pipe shoe that Jethin introduced? Here it is, along with several others that were specially fabricated by EzyStrut having a huge pipe installed into them on the project site.

As well as the standard range of components, EzyStrut can do a lot with custom requests for special projects. Custom fabrication of cable or pipe support items is not just limited to steel: In this case, we have range of custom fabricated aluminium cable ladders ready to be shipped out to site created to suit the customer's specific requirements.

To help with custom product requests, EzyStrut uses dedicated engineers at our Adelaide site to both assist with the design for and oversee the production of these items.


The pipe being installed into custom pipe shoes


Custom fabricated Aluminium Cable Ladders waiting to be despatched at Adelaide