Cable Ladder Bonding with Earth Straps

Jan 06, 2014 | 0 Comments

using earth strap vertical ladder

Here is an example of an earth strap attached to a vertically installed cable ladder.

In a large amount of heavy industrial type installations such as mine sites, manufacturing facilities, or other sites dealing with large quantities of heavy and high voltage cables, there is generally a lot of cable ladder installed. Ladders manufactured from steel or aluminium are conductive, and hence for safety can often require appropriate grounding to meet personnel safety regulations. Indeed this is a safety requirement on a lot of large electrical installation projects, particularly when dealing with high voltage cables.

Earth straps offer a solution to connect ladders that may not otherwise be connected together to the main earthing system, but they also offer additional earth conductivity across splice and fitting joins.  

Remember: EzyStrut’s Steel Nema 2 (16A), Nema 3 (20B) and Nema 20C ladders come with holes punched to allow you to install earth straps, as well as the entire range of aluminium ladders. EzyStrut also offers earth straps that are compatible with these M10 holes, either as 35mm2 of 70mm2.

This ladder in this example is a ‘rail in’ style design, like all steel ladders from EzyStrut it offers slots punched in the rungs to make it easy to secure cables.