Cable Duct

May 14, 2013 | | 0 Comments


Cable duct is a popular choice for some inside cable installations. Duct offers a solution that keeps cables all enclosed, and has a removable lid for installation/access. The product is generally available in 2400mm lengths, but it is also supported by bend, riser and tee or cross type pieces like a tray or ladder.

Ordering duct lengths is easy: Just remember to specify the width vs the height required. By standard, EzyStrut can supply 50x50mm, 75x75mm, or 150x100mm duct, but EzyStrut can make to order other height to width combinations for duct too if you need it.

Normally a clip on lid for duct is supplied, however, it is also possible to get a screw on lid system for extra security for cables installed. Lengths and fittings for duct are also easy to join up with the built in splice fittings.

By standard, duct is manufactured in pre-galvanised steel for corrosion protection and maintaining a clean appearance for inside use, and has been used extensively across industry for the support and protection of lightweight cables. Learn more about the range here.