ERL Refrigeration Lining Kit

ERL Refrigeration Lining Kit

Material Specification

Temperature Rating -45°C

Technical Details

Download E5 and accessories datasheet from the catalogue.

Ordering Details

Note: all product dimensions are millimetres (mm) unless otherwise specified. Product dimensions are subject to change. Items are supplied individually.

Ordering CodePipe ØDChannel Clip
ERL-6.4 6.4 E5-17 C
ERL-10 9.5 E5-17 C
ERL-13 12.7 E5-27 C
ERL-16 15.9 E5-27 C
ERL-19 19.1 E5-27 C
ERL-22 22.2 E5-38 C
ERL-25 25.4 E5-38 C
ERL-29 28.6 E5-38 C
ERL-32 31.8 E5-43 C
ERL-35 34.9 E5-48 C
ERL-38 38.1 E5-48 C
ERL-41 41.3 E5-57 C
ERL-45 44.5 E5-64 C
ERL-51 50.8 E5-64 C
ERL-54 54.0 E5-76 C
ERL-64 63.5 E5-76 C
ERL-67 66.7 E5-89 C
ERL-76 76.2 E5-92 C
ERL-79 79.2 E5-92 C
ERL-89 88.9 E5-111 C
ERL-102 101.6 E5-121 C
A Usually in stock at all branches
B Usually in stock at head office
C Normal lead time
D Made to order (lead time on enquiry)

Available Finishes

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