Heavy Duty Insulated Supports

E16-E31 Insulated Pipe Clamps
Insulated versions of the E16 and E31 clamps; NB15-600
E152 Insulated U Bolt Guide
Heavy duty insulated U bolt supplied with a cork and neoprene base; NB15-350
E160 Insulated Pipe Saddle
Heavy duty insulated saddle supplied with a cork and neoprene base; NB15-600

Suitable for heavy industrial applications where pipes need to be insulated, EzyStrut offers very heavy duty clamps, saddles and U bolts that feature a thick neoprene lining as well as some with a cork base. These components are normally used in petrochemical facilities, as the neoprene creates a resistance to chemicals and other substances that could otherwise compromise the support. They are also suited to areas that are subject to chemical wash downs.