NEMA 1 Hanging Splice Plate HDG

NEMA 1 Hanging Splice Plate HDG

Material Specification

2 Splices required per length of cable ladder.
2 x HS820H required (per splice plate, supplied)
M8 Splice Fixing Holes
1 x Threaded Rod required per splice (refer table below)

Product Details

EzyStrut Cable Ladder Hanging Splices are manufactured from sheet steel to the following AS standards:

  • Mild Steel to AS/NZS1365 and Hot Dip Galvanised to¬†AS/NZS4680, ISO1461
  • Meets Nema 1 Load Rating
  • Australian Patent No. 2005209610

Ordering Details

Threaded Rod SizeOrdering Code
M10 N1SHB10H A
M12 N1SHB12H D
A Usually in stock at all branches
B Usually in stock at head office
C Normal lead time
D Made to order (lead time on enquiry)

EzyStrut's Nema 1 Hanging Splice Plate allows you to join and hang lengths of Nema 1 Cable Ladder using the same component. The Hanging Splice eliminates the need to use channel/strut and hold down units as well as regular splice plates as it is an all in one solution offering significant time and labour savings during installation. Always use in pairs, and use M10 or M12 threaded rod to hang from.


Available Finishes

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