E152 Insulated U Bolt Guide HDG

E152 Insulated U Bolt Guide HDG

Material Specification

Temperature Range -35° to 100°C
Insulator Neoprene Compound
Base Cork and neoprene

Product Details

The EzyStrut E152 is a heavy duty insulated U bolt that is supplied with a 10mm thick cork and neoprene base.

It is designed to provide support for large heavy weight pipes made out of stainless steel, duplex/super duplex or other materials.

Technical Details

The insulation protects the clamp from substances and materials that could compromise it, and features self extinguishing fire retardants making it suitable for hydrocarbon installations such as oil and gas and similar environments.

Download insulated U bolt datasheet from catalogue.

Ordering Details

Note: all product dimensions are millimetres (mm) unless otherwise specified. Product dimensions are subject to change. 

Ø DOrdering CodeABThread
Weight (kg)
21 E152-21H 37  60 M6 0.08 B
27 E152-27H 43  65 M6 0.09 B
34 E152-34H 51  65 M6 0.10 B
42 E152-42H 69  77 M10 0.30 D
48 E152-48H 75  80 M10 0.32 B
60 E152-60H 87  90 M10 0.36 B
76 E152-76H 102  95 M12 0.52 B
89 E152-89H 115 100 M12 0.57 B
114 E152-114H 141  110 M12 0.65 B
168 E152-168H 210  180 M16 1.92 B
219 E152-219H 262  199 M16 2.28 D
273 E152-273H 315  230 M16 2.68 D
324 E152-324H 366  255 M16 3.05 D
356 E152-356H 399  300 M16 3.38 D

Supplied individually. Also available as made to order in stainless steel and other sizes. Minimum order quantities may apply.

A Usually in stock at all branches
B Usually in stock at head office
C Normal lead time
D Made to order (lead time on enquiry)

Available Finishes

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