CB254 Cantilever Bracket HDG

CB254 Cantilever Bracket HDG

Material Specification

Channel E1000 back to back
Hole Diameter 14mm
Hole Spacing 20.5mm from end

Product Details

165mm through to 915mm cantilever using E1000 back to back channel.

EzyStrut Cantilever Brackets are manufactured to complement the range of cable support systems.

Fully galvanised after fabrication to provide heavy duty protection in most conditions.

Can also be manufactured in stainless steel grade 316 for use in extremely corrosive environments.

Fibreglass brackets available upon request.

Ordering Details

2 fasteners are required per bracket for assembly.

Order Separately

  • HS1225
  • E1010

Ordering Codes

Ordering CodeLength (mm)Working Load (kg)Design
Uniform Load (kN)
Weight (kg)
CB254-165H 165 1349 13.24 1.35
CB254-300H 300 770 7.55 2.06
CB254-450H 450 527 5.20 2.84
CB254-600H 600 400 3.92 3.63
CB254-750H 750 330 3.24 4.42
CB254-900H 900 275 2.70 5.20
CB254-915H 915 270 2.65 5.28
CB254-1000H 1000 195 1.91 5.73

Design Uniform Load: the load applied along the entire length of the cantilever.


Available Finishes

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