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Are you looking for a quick summary of parts of our range or perhaps an easy product demonstration?

In our videos, EzyStrut staff from all over Australia introduce you to key components of the range, demonstrate how to install them, and also summarise material finishes and special MTO products we have fabricated.

Selecting the Correct Finish

So how do you choose the correct finish or material for your cable or pipe support products? It depends on the environment that you are installing them into. In this video, David explains how to choose the required finish for a product, depending on what your corrosion protection needs are.
More Info: Corrosion Advice Chart

Cable Ladder Fittings and Splices

Understand the EzyStrut range of cable ladder fittings, and let David show you how to attach them and splice two straight lengths together.

Every member of our team knows our products really well, and is always glad to show you how to work with them. Their technical knowledge and expertise expands daily as they are called upon to provide specialised advice on different building services support and management solutions.