EK Cable Clamp HDG

EK Cable Clamp HDG

Product Details

The EK cable clamp is a popular choice for securing a wide variety of electrical cables. The clamp is available in hot dip galvanised steel as standard. 

Ordering Details

Ordering CodeCable DiaWeight (Kg)
EK2026-1 14 0.028
EK2028-1 19 0.036
EK2030-1 25 0.053
EK2032-1 32 0.069
EK2034-1 38 0.076
EK2036-1 44 0.099
EK2038-1 51 0.106
EK2040-1 57 0.134
EK2042-1 64 0.143
EK2044-1 70 0.152
EK2046-1 76 0.191

Available Finishes

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