ASNZS3013:2005 Fire Rated Cable Supports

AS3013:2005 Fire Rated Cable Mesh
150-600mm width, 44mm cable laying depth, 7.5 or 15kg/m
AS/NZS3013:2005 Fire Rated Cable Tray
150-600mm width, 43mm - 78mm cable laying depth, 12.5-40kg/m
AS/NZS3013:2005 Fire Rated Cable Ladder
150-600mm width, 45-101mm cable laying depth, 50-100kg/m

EzyStrut offers a wide range of choice to the installer in fire rated cable supports.

EzyStrut was the first company to supply an AS/NZS3013:2005 compliant system, and since that time has grown and expanded the range to provide the highest levels of choice in system design, cabling depths, widths, load capabilities, support spans, and overall lengths.

An important point is that EzyStrut gives options for different support spans to the installer to allow them to choose their quantity of fixing points verses load capability.

All members of the fire rated range were designed to take up minimal room, making it possible to install and use them in tight spaces.

The fire rated systems by EzyStrut are also rather innovative, simple in design and efficient to install onsite.

All systems comply fully with AS/NZS3013:2005 Appendix C Classification WS5X – 2 hour fire rating with a peak temperature of 1050°C.