Comparing U Bolts

Nov 08, 2013 | 0 Comments

u bolts supporting steel pipe

EzyStrut offers 2 main types of steel 'U' Bolts in a variety of sizes: The EF41000 U Bolt and the heavier duty E14. Designed for securing pipes, the EF41000 is available for pipe ØDs from 34 through to 60mm, and is offered with a set of compatible Hex Nuts. It's an ideal product for general plumbing uses. You can be sure it'll last against the elements outside as it is available in a range of protective coatings both as standard and to order.

However, for heavy duty work the E14 offers thicker material, availability in Stainless, as well as Hot Dip Galvanised and Zinc Plated steel, and support for ØDs from 21 to 610mm. Normally supplied as steel with 1 set (2) Hex Nuts, however, for very heavy duty work 2 sets, for a total of 4, nuts can be supplied. The E41 can also be insulated if required. - The EF41000 and E14 between them offer you support for a range of sizes of pipe, with different materials, weights, and applications, and flexibility for installation in a range of environments.